7 Equipment Room Quick Tips

As many of you know: handling equipment and having many team members rushing in and out of the equipment room … It can leave a bit of a mess!

Gear is being brought back to the wrong place or to the wrong shelf, and there might be a vital piece missing. This results in other team members losing precious time to find the right gear.

We assembled some quick equipment room tips that could help you and your team to keep it organized:

1. Marking shelf positions

When it comes to clearly marking your equipment racks and shelves, we say: go for it!

That’s why we recommend using clear indicators with both the name and arrows to where items can be found in the rack.

Equipment room tips bad better best

2. Create a shelf position overview

Having a label with the correct name and an arrow is already a great step towards getting more organized. But what if you have a lot of gear and a lot of racks and a lot of equipment rooms?

Equipment room tips shelf position

Say hello to the shelf position overview!

Give your items’ exact equipment room position by marking them accordingly:

  • Use R01, R02 … to mark the equipment room (or to mark the rack if you have your gear in one facility)
  • Use SH01, SH02 … to mark the shelf position


Create a dropdown custom field inside of the Cheqroom Equipment Management app with the item’s shelf position. This will allow you to filter your items based on their location in the equipment room.

Hang the overview near the entrance of the equipment room. In this way, you and your team can quickly see the position of the item you need before entering the room.

This will save everyone time (and stress). And hey, now they will also know the correct position for when they return it.

Your life as an equipment manager just got way easier. You’ll see.

3. Keep an area clear for packing

When you need to assemble items to take away, a packing or unpacking area can come in handy. Have no room to put a table? Keep one shelf free and mark its purpose:

Equipment room tips keep clear

💡 Sharing storage space? Tape the floor.

Ah, tape… It can be useful in many ways. So why not use it on the floor?

When you share a storage area with other departments or other teams, it might be a good idea to tape the floor.

Each department or team has its own color and needs to spend less time looking for the right gear.

5. Create charging stations

The last thing you want to see when setting up your camera gear at a different location is a low battery warning. But how do you encourage your team to charge the batteries after they have used them for a longer period of time?

Equipment room tips pegboard

Build a pegboard with battery charging stations in the equipment room.

Everyone will have easy access and it will become part of their routine. This means the next person in line has one less thing to worry about and I’m sure they’ll be very grateful!

💡Tip: Make sure to also label the batteries according to their position or the kit it belongs to.

6. Leaving some buffer equipment

When you’ve been working with the same gear for a while, you can’t help but have some favorites.

You might prefer working with that one specific camera, and you’re actually not that big of a fan of that one type of lens.

And so when it comes down to kits (e.g. a camera bag or travel case), it’s nice to have the extra flexibility to mix and match. If you have the extra items, leave them as a buffer in a separate tray, and don’t put all your equipment in kits.

Equipment room tips kits

7. Add Asset Tags to your Kits

The next step is to add a unique key hanger to each backpack or travel case that is used as a kit.

In a hurry? Just grab one of the complete kits and scan the asset label key hanger on your way out with our mobile equipment management app. Easy-peasy!


Use a Sharpie to write your contact details on the back of Cheqroom Plastic Key Tags

Equipment room tips tags

8. Kits: The Carabiner Method

You’re in a hurry and grab one of the first kits they see, only to realize later that a vital piece of equipment is missing. 🙄 Sounds familiar?

We get it. That’s why we want to help you out with this quick tip: the Carabiner Method for Kits.

What you’ll need

  • Plastic containers or filing trays in different colors, marked with different numbers or labels (as shown in the picture)
  • Matching set of carabiner tags, which can be easily snapped on and off

How it works

  • Bags without a carabiner are complete and good to go.
  • However, bags with a carabiner are missing a piece of equipment.
  • This missing part is in the corresponding plastic container.
  • Grab the part from the plastic tray, add it to your bag and remove the carabiner. It’s as simple as that!
“With the help of carabiner tags, you can mark kits that are incomplete.”
Equipment room tips forgot something

Have some other cool equipment room tips to keep it organized? We’d love to hear them, so send us a message at and we’ll be forever grateful!

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Oct 25, 2020 Written by Mathilde Vanden Berghe