6 valuable reports to be prepared for 2021 with Cheqroom

There’s nothing better than a good and fresh start of the New Year. And that’s why taking those last moments of 2020 to go over your inventory is totally worth it. It doesn’t need to take much of your time and these reports will bring you some valuable insights that you can take with you to the next year and make it even better!

1. Clean out your inventory

At the end of the year, or when you find a nice and quiet moment in the equipment room, it can be a good idea to go through your inventory and see what gear has been used often, and what gear is collecting dust.

This will also help with the purchasing decision, later on, to make sure that popular items are the ones being re-ordered, and not the ones that actually haven’t been used at all. 💪

Look at your data from the past year to see what items have been checked out most frequently by your team, colleagues or students, and what items can be stored away or expired.

In Cheqroom, you can easily access this data using the report: Item Utilization in Check-outs.

2. Learn what your team has been up to

We can’t all be super punctual… But as an equipment manager, it’s good to know what your team or students have been up to this year. Who has been slacking (and has been returning equipment late or has even forgotten to log the items as returned) and who deserves a pat on the back.

Look at your check-out data in detail and sort it by user to spot the bad actors... and the very good ones!

In Cheqroom: look at your Check-outs by Contact Report

Think of a way to reward punctual users. Perhaps they can get priority when choosing the right equipment for the next shoot?

late returns reports for 2019

Or give them a nice compliment or shout out. Let them know you have noticed their good work and really appreciate it!

shout out equipment returns

And for Paul, a line like this might do the trick: “I’m not mad, Paul, just really disappointed…” and let’s encourage him to make a bit more of an effort in 2021. 😉

3. Have an overview of what is where

Not everything that your company owns is probably in the equipment room at the moment. There are items that are allocated to the employees. Probably laptops, hard drives, keyboards and stuff like this.

It might be a good idea to check with your colleagues, if everything they own is still working and in use.

This report shows you an overview of your equipment custody history.
Besides seeing which items are currently given/taken into custody via the Items in Custody report, you might also want to look back to see how many and which equipment was in custody in the last couple of months.

4. Set up your gear for success with maintenance planning

While going through your inventory, you will probably come across items that need a bit of love and care.

Plan maintenance for the upcoming year and make sure everything is up and running for the new year up ahead.

The Item Flag Report gives you a clear overview of how many items are currently in need of maintenance and will make your maintenance planning a lot easier.

It is also interesting to ask yourself: is there one item that keeps needing repair? In that case, it is maybe reasonable to get rid of that piece and buy a new one.

History of Equipment Issues lets you see what item needed the most down-time.

5. Prepare yourself for the busiest times

With the current pandemic, you probably want to keep your equipment room as quiet as possible.

Have a look at what times your team has been completing the most equipment pick-ups and/or returns and spread out those busy pick-up and drop-off times. Or when life goes back to normal, it will allow you to get some extra help or plan ahead and make sure someone is there around those times. And for those times nobody came by, you might want to plan some me-time. ☃️

The Busiest Times Report lets you see when it gets really busy in your equipment room.

💡Quick Tip: You can also use the availability calendar for both Items and Kits to plan resource management ahead.

6. Stay on top of warranties

You might want to follow-up on warranty dates.

Make a list of equipment that is still under or no longer under warranty, then decide which items need a warranty extension and which ones don't.

Warranty Status Report lets you see the items that are in warranty, out of warranty, and which ones will be out of warranty soon.

We hope our Cheqroom Reports have been a time-saver for both you and your team. Feel like an important report is missing that could help you save even more time? We'd love to hear your feedback!

Dec 14, 2020 Written by Mathilde Vanden Berghe