Feature equipment checkout software

Equipment checkout software

Simplify your checkout process using CHEQROOM’s equipment checkout software and barcode scanning app

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Eliminate spreadsheets

Take your equipment management to the cloud: scan QR asset tags and instantly get up-to-date information about your equipment checkouts. No more paperwork.

Check in & out on the fly

Check in / check out assets from your phone wherever you are with our equipment checkout system.

Increase accountability

Enable self-service access to your equipment. Simply let all your users create their accounts and login to make equipment checkouts themselves

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Equipment Picking

Prepare reservations for checkout 3 times faster than before. Use Equipment picking to pick up items on the fly. Solve conflicts or add additional items on the go by scanning the item that’s in front of you.

"The scanning option is probably the feature I love the most, as you can get all the info you need with just one scan."

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Enable self-service check-outs

Give users access to your inventory – using SSO for maximum security. Let them make reservations and checkouts in their own name. It will save you a lot of time and you will always know who is using your equipment.

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Send automatic reminders

Notify users when items are almost due back, so they have no more excuses to let them go overdue. Use automated emails, push, SMS notifications or start a Slack conversation.

Feature - Agreements

Make users more accountable

Automatically generate loan agreements from a template and let users sign it digitally at pick-up. This will make people more accountable for the equipment they are using.

Simplify the checkout process

Equipment management software that simplifies scheduling and supercharges your equipment room.

24/7 Equipment Checkout

Simplify the checkout process using CHEQROOM’s equipment checkout software and barcode scanning app.